• Vox Stomplab 2G effects pedal

Now, if you want to have some real fun, grab one of these. To use it, you connect it in between your uke and your amp. Essentially it provides very similar effects to those listed for the Vox Mini 3 above. So why have one of these and a Mini3 (like I do)? Well, two things: when performing I use different effects for different songs and also will likely change the effect mid-song. It’s not possible to stop mid-stream and twiddle the knobs on the amp, thus the Stomplab: it has over 100 preset programs (combinations of effects, tone, amplifier simulation etc.) and you can set up to 20 of your own programs. AND the other thing: you can change programs or switch it on or off with the tap of a foot (that’s the whole idea of a footswitch!) When I bought mine, I took the settings for my favourite sounds on the Vox Mini 3 and programmed them into the Stomplab. Once again, you don’t need to be a tech genius to do this – it has been designed to let even novice users to easily find sounds they want. For example, the program banks re arranged by song genre eg. Rock, blues, ballad.

The Stomplab can work from battery or a mains adaptor and it even has a tuner to let you tune up on the fly with the touch of a toe. See a more full description at http://www.voxamps.com/stomplab Watch a demo at

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Vox Stomplab 2G effects pedal

  • Brand: Vox
  • Product Code: Stomplab 2G
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  • $149.00

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