The Rowin LBL-01 Beat Loop Looper With Drum Machine has an impressive array of features. Whether you're looking to create a simple loop to sing or jam over, or wish to build a full backing band for an accompanied performance, the Beat Loop will surprise you with what it can enable you to do. 

• Up to 30 loops can be stored, with loop capability up to 5 minutes, and a total recording time up to a whopping 50 minutes. Overdub is unrestricted. 
• USB connectivity for performing system upgrades, drum loop updates, audio file importing and exporting 
• Dual mode capability enables loops to be recorded and played back with or without drums 
• 40 drum loops available including standard and electronic 
• a two-button footswitch allow you to control the drum machine externally 
• Looper and drum machine start/stops can be synchronised or independent 
• Easy to read LCD display is perfect for use on dark stages 
• WAV file storage with recordings captured at 48kHz, 24-bit sample rate 
• The 128 x 64 dot LCD display provides a perfect visual guide to your settings and is easily readable onstage. 


Rowin make a fantastic range of compact effects pedals which provide the functionality and quality of top brand pedals but at and extremely economical price. All offer robust construction and true bypass.

Quoting an online reviewer “Given the huge price differential anyone looking to save money would rightly be asking are they the same and why would you buy the more well known brand otherwise? Whilst some have mooted that they are clones it would appear they are exactly the same pedals, possibly even made in the same factory, with a different paint job”.

Given the size of these pedals, they run off an external 9v power supply (not supplied, see other product) rather than battery.

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Rowin LBL-01 Beat Loop - looper with drum machine

  • Brand: Rowin
  • Product Code: Rowin LBL-01 Beat Loop
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $149.00
  • $139.00

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